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Selling on Biharishops is very easy, is one of India’s premier e-commerce marketplace. The portal is viewed by millions of people every day. There are three main ways through which a person can start business & earn the money with

Do you sell products or goods? Do you have a blog or website with a decent user base? Are you a shopping website? Do you have innovative ideas for designing new products? If your answer to even any one of the above questions is “Yes”, then you can make money through

1. Get your business online at in flat 5 minutes

If you are a seller of products which are amongst the categories featured on, you can easily register to sell on this site. The registration process is simple and requires the submission of an online form. There is no registration fee. A seller can also list unlimited products for free, as long as the product categories are featured on

Once the registration is done, the team from contacts the seller and helps them create an online portfolio. The portfolio is easy to use and the seller can upload more products, as and when they choose to. Additionally, a seller does not need to have a business website in order to sell on The two main advantages available for a seller here include: tapping into the vast network of user base and avoiding other Internet Marketing expenses.

Once the product portfolio is created, the products get listed on and when a buyer clicks to buy, the seller is contacted. The sole responsibility of the seller is to ensure that the product is shipped to the buyer and that the quality of the product is very good. deducts a minimal commission (agreed during registration) for the sale, and refunds the buyer on the sale. A seller can also drop out of the “Sell on Biharishops Program” at any time they want.

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2. Affiliate Program at

If you have a website or blog with a fairly good traffic, then you can join the affiliate program of This is a revenue garner. All you have to do is to register under the Affiliate program. Once the registration is done, you can decide on which products or page to showcase on your website or blog. After your choice of product or page is made, a distinct tracker id is generated for your blog or site and placed there. You get commissions or a referral fee when people visiting your site use this URL to visit and make a purchase.

If you are a shopping site, the process of registration is still the same. However, the referral fee is lesser than when compared to a blog or a website, which are called content sites. defines content sites as those whose objective of existence is to deliver meaningful content which adds value to the information available on the internet. The list of sites under shopping sites includes Cash-back websites, Social Shopping Websites, Deal Publishing Websites, etc.

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3. Business Launch-pad at for Innovators

Bridge the gap between innovation and explosive growth get start with, if you have created a new product, or have come up with a unique idea, then Launchpad Program of has been designed for you. You can share the details with Biharishops of your idea or the model you have built. Once the panel at approves of your idea, you will be provided with assistance to develop the prototype/sample which would be promoted and sold through If you already have a prototype/sample, then based on the panel’s approval you can automatically sell through

The innovator gets to tap into the Biharishops network, and also get mentored on the various aspects of the business. For the products which are sold, the innovator also earns revenues.

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As you can see, offers three hassle free ways in which you can make money. The process of registrations is effortless and gives a high return on investment. Feature on and reap the benefits!


It's easy to earn money form your closet. simply register your free seller accounts today and choose the items you want to sell and we will do the rest...